Progress this week

snapshot of the crafting tree

Preview of the Tech Tree

We’re beginning to flesh out the crafting options in our game.  So of course, this requires some nice, color-coded diagrams.

I’m transitioning our ships and asteroids (“block clumps”) to the same geometric model as the planets.  As far as I’ve seen, there’s no precedent for this type of geometry.  I’m constructing only the visible, outer blocks using vertices and combining them all into a single vertex buffer (or multiple, for the planets).  In this way, each block is almost like a mesh in one giant model.  Every vertex is multiplied by the same world matrix, but each block has its own quasi-identity within the mesh, and can be deleted or added at will.  It’s essentially a model which can be edited in game time.  No idea how this system stacks up against a voxel model, since I have very little knowledge about voxels…  But it seems efficient to me.  A planet with 2400+ block faces drawn renders faster than the static 512-face UV sphere model we’re using for the sun.  As a matter of fact, FPS only take a hit when we point the camera at models, but not when we have 2+ planets on the screen at once.  Seems good to me.

Besides that, Zack has done some work on crafting and UI.  We’re making good progress.



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Sophomore at NC State University, majoring in Computer Science. Hobbyist game programmer.

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