Reddit went down today

I fixed thrusting and several other physics calculations.  Things are looking good.  Particles are coming soon and we hope to have some more advanced building features within the year.

On the offchance someone reads this, does anyone know of good .NET noise libraries?  LibNoise.NET is nice but lacking some of the generation techniques we’re looking for with planet generation.  Generating terrain continues to be a thorn in our side…



About A-Type

Sophomore at NC State University, majoring in Computer Science. Hobbyist game programmer.

2 responses to “Reddit went down today”

  1. Daniel Burke says : is my goto place for Terrain generation, with this particular one being the easiest method of generating entire planets that I have found.

    • A-Type says :

      That second one looks useful, thanks. Our data structure is a bit different than usual planet generation, but I bet we could modify this to make it work.

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