Killed a bug and its children

I think today I might have discovered a single line of code (even a single omitted method call) which would help to make the entire game more stable and remove many puzzling bugs.  It started when, upon block destruction, over 2000 block pickups would be spawned.  The game slowed to a crawl after a few shots to an asteroid, so I went investigating.  The fix I came up with also explains a few of the more elusive issues I’ve been running into recently.


Now that block pickups are close to being functional, we can begin looking at the game’s economy.  Up to this point, our ‘game’ has really been more of an expansive tech demo.  When we add the necessity of collecting resources from the environment, though, we add scarcity and economy, and economy is what makes games fun.




About A-Type

Sophomore at NC State University, majoring in Computer Science. Hobbyist game programmer.

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