Ludum Dare this weekend…

Grant and I both entered into Ludum Dare this weekend, a 48 hour competition where you must create a game from scratch. I think we are both quite pleased with our results, and would love it if you would check them out 🙂

Regardless, here are the links to our two pages.

My game is a fun, arcade game that features you, the player, trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. You must collect food and ammo to sustain yourself, all while killing zombies. It’s a frantic game of memory, time management, and fierce combat. I found it a blast to program and ultimately, a worthwhile endeavor that has left me with one of the better games I have ever made. Honestly, this game is fairly replayable, the graphic style is great, and the game is fun! Please try it out and tell me what you think (as well as your high score)!

Grant’s game is an interesting game of story and intrigue – there’s something else out there! I feel like if I say any more, it will spoil his game. Needless to say, for a game with great atmosphere, play his game and tell him what you think!

Also, I want to note that we now have hit one thousand view on the blog! That’s a great feat, but I would love it if more of you posted to let us know what you’re thinking! Post in the comments or twitter us – we’re friendly people! 🙂


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