Slow Week, GUI Improvements

It’s the weekend, and it sure has been a long week since Ludum Dare last weekend. We’ve both been visiting home for the holidays, spending time with family and playing lots of video games. Given that, we’ve only made minor strides this week. Meanwhile, I’ve been working on improving the GUI interface so that crafting blocks and looking up information is simple and quick. You will be able to view the items that can be crafted from an item directly from its information box and craft items there, if you possess the requirements, instead of searching out the rest of the items from your inventory. This should also help you figure out how to get that new weapon that you wish to craft so badly! 😀

The biggest thing this week was one of the nastier bugs I’ve ever encountered – it basically took us two days to figure out what was going on, until Grant finally found the problem and I corrected it. It’s always good to have a teammate on a big project like this, or else it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Next up on the list is improving save games to cover everything that can be stored about galaxies, particularly planets, suns, and other things like that. Once that is complete, we should be one step closer to being able to release another trailer – keep your eyes open for one in January!

I guess this is a small post, but we’re just letting you know that we’re still here!



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