AI Additions, Planet Building, and GUI Improvements

This week was the first week back after the busy holiday period, so we have some news to share!

First off, we did some work making AI – we have currently implemented basic flying AI for enemy ships. This is more of a proof of concept, as it shows our AI system is working well. Our long term goal is to make sure AI can handle a variety of situations and behave in different ways – for example, some ships may be more daring or more morally bound. We have also been working on creating the basics of empires, which will govern multiple AIs and essentially allow groups of AI to act as one, even across the dark void of space! Hopefully this will make space will feel a lot less empty soon!

Secondly, Grant has been hard at work on improving planets. One of the biggest challenges of our current project has been getting planets to work – they are massive expanses of blocks, which is difficult to program for! However, as we optimize planets, they should become more responsive, which will allow us to make larger and larger planets 🙂 I think when planet building is finalized, we will have passed a huge roadblock finally.

The updated GUI for building

The updated GUI for building. Note that crafting and block information will be available on the right.

Lastly, I worked on the GUI this week. Primarily I worked on optimizing it, which should make it much more responsive and less buggy. Some basic crafting is already in, but we want to make sure the user is not limited by the GUI and that it feels natural. I definitely think we’re getting closer to that point, but we’re just not quite there.

I should also note that we just got a new domain name! now redirects to this site! Also, please leave comments or talk to us on Twitter! We are quite friendly.

Flying towards a fungal planet

Flying towards a fungal planet



2 responses to “AI Additions, Planet Building, and GUI Improvements”

  1. Thomas D says :


    Still following here, haha. How many different types of planets do you plan on implementing? And how will the shipbuilding system work? I’m assuming that there’s going to be something akin to a research system to unlock new types of parts for your ship, but will there be the ability to mass-produce player designed ships for your empire, and how will that be handled? I’m just curious to know the level of autonomy versus micromanagement that one will expect when playing.

    Anyway, didn’t mean to assault you with questions, and wanted to let you know that you guys are really making something cool. Keep it up.

    • Cpt. Fresh says :

      Hey Thomas,

      Technically speaking, any type of planet can show up if the conditions are right, but certain planet archetypes will certainly be more common (for example, icy, molten, metal, jungle, sandy, etc.) You will certainly be able to find mixes of the above planets as well as planets that just defy categorization – hopefully that will make exploration that much more exciting! I can tell you that gas giants and liquid planets are not very feasible with our current engine but I don’t think their absence would detract too much from the experience.

      Shipbuilding is pretty flexible – you mostly have to worry about supplying power to various components if they need it, but otherwise you will be able to arrange your guns, thrusters, and generators how you see fit. You will be able to make small fighters, giant megacrusiers, and even trade ships. We’ll definitely showcase this during the first trailer, which we hope to be able to release later this month.

      Research is something that we have just started working on but rest assured that it will be a large part of gameplay. You will be researching new blocks as well as improving ones you’ve already built. You will also be able to research upgrades for your empire as a whole, such as better science production, mining power, and more. The details of this are still underway, so that’s all I’ll say about that.

      Overall, we’re really striving to find a balance between huge scope, user customization, discovery and exploration, and good old fashioned fun; micromanagement will not be a requirement, but you will have a lot of control on how individual colonies look and feel, as well as what your empire as a whole is like.

      Thanks so much for asking the questions, it makes it so much easier to continue on this side when I know we have people that are actually looking forward to what we put out! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask away!

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