Technology and Thrusters

This week was a busy one, as Grant ran into some computer troubles installing Linux and I attempted to manage work and the first week of classes. Overall, not much coding got done but I do have some info to share.

First off, technology has been my primary focus this week – essentially, your empire will earn research points which you can then allocate through a grid based system similar to the sphere system from Final Fantasy X (which funnily enough I have never played). Parts of the grid will be randomized with each playthrough, which should reduce minmaxing and encourage players to chart their own course. Technology will unlock new recipes, increase the abilities of your existing blocks, and have an impact on your empire as a whole. Hopefully it proves to be a strong addition to the game and something that will allow players to heavily customize their experience!

Cold thrusters

A ship with new cold thrusters flying towards an asteroid.

As you can see from the screenshot, if you’ve been following us recently, cold thrusters now have their own particle color, something that was much more difficult than it seemed based on our engine. I really like how this effect turned out – I am looking forward to building a badass fire and ice themed ship very soon! Also, I went ahead and added biothrusters, which require no energy but provide minimal thrust. This will take some tweaking to ensure they are balanced. Overall I am pleased that our engine allows the addition of new blocks in such an easy manner – all I have to do is create the new images and use our block maker utility to set all the properties of the new block! After that, we have another utility for creating recipes and will soon have another utility to make the proper technologies associated with it. Essentially we are beginning to see our efforts on the engine pay off in easy creation of new items in the game 🙂



The game is looking closer and closer to being trailer-worthy with every passing day, so please look forward to that coming before the month is over!



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