Nebulas, Warping, and Technology!

This week has been quite productive!

First of all, I want to talk briefly about nebulas. Long ago, I decided to add them alongside stars to make the game’s background more interesting, and instantly I thought they brought a lot to the table visually. However, because our particles basically behaved like billboards (and nebulas were just motionless particles), they always faced the camera. Of course this looked fine in screenshots, but anytime the camera moved, you could see the distant gases moving in the background. Obviously this had to go. So essentially I altered the way still particles worked so that they no longer simply face the camera. This has entirely removed the motion effect.

I should also note that thrusters can vary in color now, meaning that green thrusters will shoot out green particles and so on and so forth. It’ll be really cool to make color schemed ships!

The technology grid has also been improved and is slowly beginning to be built. Not much to say other than by showing a screenshot.

Tech grid

The tech grid. I know it looks a little basic right now, but we'll fancy it up.

Lastly, I worked today on improving warps. Beforehand, the game just stalled out after warping while you loaded a new galaxy. Now, the new galaxy is generated while you FLY THROUGH HYPERSPACE! I took inspiration from Star Trek for this of course. Additionally, galaxies are now unloaded and saved when you leave them and loaded when you warp to them. Later on, it’s possible that we could load some of the galaxy beforehand, but mostly it’s just cool to be able to go galaxy hopping without any real bugs! We’re still working on planet saving and loading, but that should be done relatively soon.



That’s all for this week. please leave us comments or talk to us on Youtube! Also, we’ll probably have video available for next week so stay tuned! 🙂



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