New Teaser Video!

Finally, we have a new teaser video! If you have any questions or comments, please talk to us because we love feedback!

As for the updates this week, Grant significantly improved planet building – I think our FPS while building jumped from .5FPS to 50 FPS. Mostly this jump in performance was due to his addition of tiny Minecraft-esque chunks to store block data. Altogether, we look forward to being able to offer large planets for players to explore, mine, colonize, and more.

I spent most of the week being slightly sick, going to class, and working, but when I wasn’t doing those things, I managed to improve the GUI of our technology grid as well as add new technologies to discover. The science system is shaping up quite nicely – mostly it will be a way to unlock new recipes for blocks, buildings for colonies, and increase the power of previously discovered blocks. We hope that, since the techology grid is a combination of fixed and randomly generated, each player will get a unique experience.

We have also been developing our concept for colonies; our current plan allows you to set colonies up to produce certain items, give you more research points for use in the tech grid, trade with foreign colonies, and more. This is going to be our primary focus in February, so we hope that we will have plenty of new content to show off soon! The game is really starting to shift from a tech demo to something more playable, which is very exciting to us! Look forward to seeing more video footage in the near future!



4 responses to “New Teaser Video!”

  1. Thomas D says :


    This looks sweet, especially the planets, in my opinion.

    Couple questions, though:

    With respect to the planets and building on them, I’m assuming that transparent sphere around the planet serves as its atmosphere? If it is, does that act as a ceiling for buildings when you’re constructing on the planet? Is the ratio of “atmosphere” to surface area going to vary from planet to planet, or is it always directly related to the size of the planet? Also, when building, will there be a way to save specific structures in a template for use on multiple planets, or will you always be building brick by brick?

    Guess that was more than a couple questions, haha. Oops. Anyway, keep it up! I check this thing all the time.

    • Thomas D says :

      One more question I just thought of:

      With the thrusters, are their individual outputs going to be added up and compared against ship mass for total speed, or will their placement on the ship matter? I’m talking about something like what is in the Captain Jameson series, where if one side has more powerful engines than the other, the ship may pull to the left or right, rather than just going straight forward.

      • Cpt. Fresh says :

        The atmosphere will most likely need to be a height limit just to avoid ridiculous planets and the distortion that can result when cubes get too far from the center of the planet. However, it does scale with the planet.

        We are definitely putting in ship templates, but we were planning on having single blocks represent buildings (or large sections of buildings), in which case templates would not be necessary. We might change that a little though – February is going to be focused on adding to planet building.

        Ships actually already have the physics you described, although we didn’t really show this off in the demo at all. Thrusters contribute different amounts of thrust depending on their orientation and distance from the core. Also, the Captain Forever series was actually one of the major inspirations of this game.

        Thanks for the questions Thomas D!

      • A-Type says :

        To elaborate a bit on ship thruster physics: placing most thrusters on one side of the ship’s center of mass won’t make your ship turn to a side while thrusting forward. For the sake of simplicity for the player, we are ‘balancing’ thrusters automatically. Assume that the thruster nozzles are able to point in a way such that pressing Space will always make you go straight forward, pressing W will only make you pitch forward around your center of mass, etc.

        We’re not that interested in making a complex ship-building system. We want players to be able to quickly make an effective and cool-looking ship without worrying about the small stuff, then get out into the universe and explore!

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