Rock planet and asteroid belt

Rock planet and asteroid belt

Pulled the lever today and asteroids and planets are now officially back in the game. I’m looking into 3D noise to improve their generation. We never really got around to doing much noise work. I also fixed some physics bugs today, and will continue to tweak the engine when I have the patience.


About A-Type

Sophomore at NC State University, majoring in Computer Science. Hobbyist game programmer.

3 responses to “Rock planet and asteroid belt”

  1. Thomas D says :

    Glad to see updates! I’m not going to lie, I was a little surprised to see changes as I just decided to check this page on a whim.

    I completely understand what you mean about the rewrites, though. As I’ve been working out combat modeling for my game, I’ve realized (I mean, I always knew, but it’s different to see it firsthand) that allowing a project of such size to grow organically is a sure way to code yourself into a corner, and that I’d probably have to start from scratch as well. So, I took a couple months off from it, and now I’ve been restructuring classes and functions on paper before I even write a new line of code. Looks like our projects follow some parallels.

    Granted, my game is much much simpler, but I’m also probably considered a novice coder, haha.

    • A-Type says :

      I’m a novice coder too, don’t be fooled! I think we all learn the same lessons in time. Planning out class relationships is something they always have us do in university, but it seemed so boring and trivial for the simple projects they gave us. I think the fact that most every coding project in my classes was very simple turned me off to outlining projects, but I now see that was a mistake. When we get to the hard stuff it’s a very, very good idea to have a plan going in.

      Do you have a blog or other source of info for your project? I feel like I’ve seen you on /r/gamedev, too, or at least someone else mentioning a squad-based roguelike.

      • says :

        Heh, no blog or anything of the sort yet, I’ve just dropped by here a couple times, that’s all.

        I do plan on having one as soon as I have something that I can take screenshots of, and possibly, POSSIBLY even having a Kickstarter once everything’s more or less solidified anyway. That last bit is still up in the air, though, and not very likely to happen.

        I do agree though, about planning. I have a much clearer vision of how the code will flow, how enemies will change their tactics, all of that stuff. I just never had to do it before because I never wrote a program that was complex enough to justify it, haha.

        I’ll definitely keep watching this blog, and perhaps drop a link when I finally have something to show for it. Thanks, and good luck!

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