Vacation is over

After two weeks of various ‘vacations’ (which were, honestly, probably more stressful than my day job), I’ve got one week left until school begins again. I think somewhere I mentioned that I hoped to have a demo or something by the end of the summer. Well, sorry, but here’s the straight truth: I won’t. Those two weeks ‘off’ kind of took me off guard, and I lost a little flow on the project due to the interruptions.

The good news is, I had plenty of time to think through a block I was having, so now I’m on my way to getting projectile weapons up to speed. I’ve also decided to put aside my infatuation with doing-everything-myself and use an XNA GUI library (Nuclex) instead of trying to figure out all that mess on my own. If I can get the GUI all fixed up, that’s a HUGE check on my todo list for this game.

At the moment I’m trying to think through some combat situations. As I was adding projectiles to the physics simulation I realized I could include some fun stuff like anti-missile-missiles or anti-missile-lasers which would add some depth to the combat. Still, I want ship-ship combat to be primarily focused on gaining tactical advantage through orientation and positioning, and not as much of a gun-fest. So, weaving through asteroids will fool missiles and block lasers, for instance; or giving your ship a solid metal, shielded underbelly will give you an advantage as long as you always keep the enemy below you where they can’t target vital blocks.


About A-Type

Sophomore at NC State University, majoring in Computer Science. Hobbyist game programmer.

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