Some bad news

I think this project is shelved indefinitely. I don’t take this lightly. There are many reasons I have worked on it this long. I thought (and still think) I could handle the scope. I thought/think it would be a game I would like to play. I thought/think it would be a wonderful learning experience (and that it has been). I thought I could do it better than others, and that my vision was unique.

Turns out that last one has sort of killed me here. I just saw the most recent developer interview with the guys who are making Starmade and realized that not only is Starmade everything Gravitas hopes to be, but it is already so much more robust and well-thought-out than Gravitas has become in over a year of development.

Let’s be absolutely clear: I’m not bitter, I’m impressed. I’m excited to play it. I’m a little disappointed but I’m happy for the two guys working on Starmade and I think they have a winner on their hands. I wish them the absolute best.

And, to be honest, I’m kind of excited to move on to other projects which are a little less ambitious. I honestly, truly, deeply need to start with something small and not try to make a smash-hit on the first run. It’s not good for my career or my sanity.

I’m sorry if this is disappointing news. I’ll always have the source code here and I may do something with it for those who want to learn how I did a few things (like the planets). But, all in all, I think this is going to be a massive chapter in my development story, in which our hero learns almost everything he knows and moves on to apply it in different areas.

So, for anyone still listening, I think it’s time to tune out for now. I’ll be back someday soon. In the meantime, go check out Starmade. I think it’s going to be really cool.


About A-Type

Sophomore at NC State University, majoring in Computer Science. Hobbyist game programmer.

One response to “Some bad news”

  1. wolfi says :

    i notice on stackoverflow that you implement some sort of semantic zoom in WPF 4.0 , is there a chance to see a article on how you managed to do it or perhaps some code ?

    good luck for your future project

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